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Vapor trails to Guildford

Since their return into the spotlight and the third album "Together" The Vapors have certainly put in the mileage claims around our fair lands, much to their credit there is little excuse for not catching up with them. Last night they played back in their home of Guildford at The Holroyd venue, the second time I have seen them in the last year playing Guildford and those hours put in on stage result in being even sharper than before. The sound was also really top notch even considering my left ear was slightly over loaded being tucked into the left hand corner at front of stage.


With 3 albums now to choose from they took songs from all, playing a long set that really kept everyone captivated with still a devoted set of followers. 


The Vapors sound is still as unique as always with songs like "Jimmie Jones" and the debut single "Prisoners" showcasing that crossover Power Pop  / New Wave sound that has seen them hang on to original followers and gain new faces. This is also helped by the two new "younger" members of the team. Michael Bowes and Dan Fenton are added to the two original members Dave Fenton and Steve Smith. What the new Vapors bring to the show is obvious enthusiasm and energy which combined with Steve and Dave's rigid Rickenbacker bass and rhythm guitar give them such a solid sound.


Other set highlights are "Bunkers", "Letter from Hiro" and "Let's get together" and of course the wonderful "Turning Japanese". There is no doubt a lot of people may be here because of this one song but as The Vapors have shown they have always had a knack of creating hook laden tunes it is just that "Turning Japanese" is close to power pop perfection and they should and I am sure they are be proud to play it at every gig. For encore they give us "News at Ten" another slice of gold, then leave us with promise of a return in a year for Dave's  seventieth birthday party.


Keep an eye for bands at The Holroyd as there are always interesting artists from many different genres booked

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