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The Shoegaze band Bdrmm playing in Guildford at The Boileroom


Date - 15th Nov 2022
Venue - The Boileroom
Town - Guildford

Bdrmm Tour in Guildford
Bdrmm Tour in Guildford

Bdrmm meander through the colourful mist onto the small stage of the Guildford Boileroom; which for once is not living up to it’s name, residing at a pleasant ambient temperature. With a few nods and smiles it's on with the show.
The first track: Opens begins with stroked chords and gentle "plectrummed" buildup till the full effect of the band kicks in and we are underway for more than an hour’s worth of Bdrmm’s rolling landscapes.

The two guitars work together as one, with bass and drums holding the repeating patterns of the songs while they undulate towards ever dazzling heights. Both Ryan Smith and Joe Vickers own a swathe of reverbs, flangers and phasers all taking their part in the cinematic soundscape demonstrated during their performance.

Vocals are used sparingly and come with added echo and reverb as befits the dreamscape / shoegaze genre which I am sure they would agree is their domain, leaving the gathered listeners with a timeless opportunity to tune in and tune out….

Bdrmm Tour in Guildford

As Jordan Smith Pipes up between one song “We are from Hull, you are welcome to come up North and visit” it breaks the heavy concentration for a moment of mirth. An answering call of “not likely” emerges from a brave soul deep into his 3rd pint. Time to be drawn back into the serious business of chiming guitars, sweeping synth again rising to the forefront.

Bdrmm Tour in Guildford

There are a few newer tunes in the set presumably lined up for the sophomore album coming next year. There is news also of a re-release of the debut album, which is proving difficult to buy now on a physical format; shouldn't this music be ideally embraced on vinyl? I do hope to get a copy when it comes back out.

Push/Pull, Gush, Forget the credits, Happy/unhappy and final song A reason to celebrate are taken from their lauded album, plus a couple of older songs are given a welcome airing.

There is no doubt Bdrmm are enjoying their success, including supporting Ride on their Tour earlier this year. This could only have been an education as to how their current trajectory could be hopefully in the near future.

Band members

Ryan Smith - Vocal / Guitar

Conor Murray - Drums

Joe Vickers - Guitar

Jordan Smith - Bass / Synth

Bdrmm Tour in Guildford
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