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Hamish Hawk has a new album that  demands your attention

On tour for the Heavy Elevator album

 A Monday evening pleasure to catch up With Hamish Hawk and his band at my usual haunt of The Boiler Room in Guildford. Hamish may not be a local being from the far reaching City of Edinburgh but he has the ability to charm the audience into making him a member of the community tonight. He has the confidence and charisma that comes from an obvious confidence and belief in his songs, I am sure he acts out every word and syllable.


The band were in great form as this was the 5th night of the tour. The songs were clear and crisp as the creases in Hamish's trousers. A day later and I have had the album on the record player on constant repeat. Glorious colours it is too...


Take a look at my Facebook page for more photos of Hamish and band

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