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Pom Poko

Pom Poko produce quite an atmosphere on stage

Touring their second album Pom Poko produce something different live, there is  a chemistry that reveals itself as the band effortlessly captivate the audience.

 At the front is Ragnhild Fangel, she conducts the crowd at will and at various moments incites some serious crowd pogoing when the tunes are ready for lift off.

 The guitar sounds that Martin Tonne produces are quite unique and not what you would hear too often, though the amount of pedals he has must confuse he has a mastery that must take an excellent memory to press the right pedal at the right time.

 Jonas Krøvel & Ola Djupvik on Bass and Drums complete the picture.

 Pom Poko are still touring the UK so check their schedule and try and catch them.


  1. Birthday   -  Bella Union  2019

  2. Cheater   -   Bella Union  2021

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