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Johnny Be Good

“Anger is an Energy” reverberates around the industrial heart of the Engine Rooms venue bouncing from the corrugated ceilings. John Lydon upright, preaches to his converted disciples from the stage, conducting, instructing and educating those who follow in his usual robust manner that we have come to love and expect.

 John now lives in the USA but can still be regarded as iconic and important in the eyes of those gazing upon him, as a certain member of the Royal family celebrates her Jubilee while he tours this green and pleasant land. Of course the career of The Sex Pistols was sent into orbit in 77 when The same Queen had spent 25 years on the throne and here we are with both of them still performing for the masses in 2022.


 Public Image Ltd work though the set jumping from album to album, John looks and sounds on top form even though he mentions that they have all had a large dose of “the sniffles”. This leads to the largest spittoon I have ever had the luck to see placed in front of the drum riser. The band really supply the “constant” drive and feel for each song for John to concentrate on his unique delivery. The evening heads towards the more radio friendly unit shifters, Disappointed, This is not a love song and the debut single which all get a tremendous response. John departs for 5 minutes and returns to rapturous noise, and a song I am not familiar with, in all honesty not one I would be keen to seek out again, Shoom, is followed by the huge Open Up. To finish the drums kick in with the  start of Rise, raising the roof and a perfect finale.

Religion II
The Body
The Room I Am In
The One
Death Disco
U.S.L.S. 1
This Is Not a Love Song
Public Image
Open Up
(Leftfield cover)
John Lydon - Vocals
Lu Edmonds: Guitar & Misc
Bruce Smith: Drums
Scott Firth: Bass & Keyboards 

Public Image were performing at the Engine Rooms in Southampton on the current Tour 12th June 2022 - reviewed By Dan

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