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Godalming Record Corner

Record Store Day 2023

April 22nd 2023

Joining the Vinyl Disciples on RSD

An early start on a Saturday, joining many fellow Vinyl compatriots all faithful on their quest of a Record they need to add to their collection.

Arriving at about 7:40 we encounter the queue here, stretching from the door to well into Godalming main street.

 Oh well we're here now, the patience on these days is amazing, we have become conditioned as "this is the way" to copy the Mandalorian Philosophy

The joy of a two hour wait is there to see on crossing the threshold into the room of dreams, laid bare before us with only a price tag to consider on purchase.

I was pleased to get The Blur Album as I thought this was all I was here to get.

My vinyl conscience then took over and I found four more titles I didn't realise that I needed suddenly within my grasp.

 Oh well, it is only once a year isn't it? oh it isn't, oh well I have no excuse then but I'm at the till now.

My purchases are here in this photo, I did want to get the Althea and Donna album but my Good "friend" Jeff beat me to it. Will I hold it against him of course not, ha ha ha.

 Will I do this again next year?

Just try and stop me....

Thanks to The Record Corner for letting me take photos

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