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Lose yourself in a Western World of Americana

 It's been a wait to say the least to be finally able to sample the delights of this relatively new festival first advertised over two whole years ago. I won't dwell on the reasons for the wait as we have all experienced the entertainment void for too long. For the organisers to know this time it was actually going to happen must have been a pure blast of joy, mixed with trepidation at delivering the promise.

 This is the third time the festival has been staged, first year being 2018 with about 70 acts. This year 2022 has over 100 on the 7 different stages dotted around the Parkland Site. This years crop of artists have more pulling power, though some names have been met in hard core Americana circles with a wry smile due to their apparent lack of "authenticity". I can see where they are coming from but with the amount of artists you can mix and match your genres with ease depending on your likes. I for one liked the variety that ranged on the main stage from traditional festival pleasers James to the multi genre hopping The Dead South. I enjoyed both equally.



James on the main stage

Sunday Headliners The Dead South


 Festivals provide different things to different people, I know friends who have gone to Glastonbury and not seen a band all weekend because there are many other alternative ways to leave the world behind on offer.

Black Deer Festival has more of the look and feel of a fantasy Western town loaded with appropriate trimmings to indulge yourself. Personally the music is always the reason I go to a festival, but I could see many taking part in "Hot Dog eating Contests", skateboarding lessons, cigar box guitar playing or testing the seat on a Harley Davidson. You could wander round and be distracted constantly. Then there was the food, something we all know can be a let down. Not here, the quality was high especially if you are in need of a Cowboy style bowl of slow cooked Beef or pork.


Seeing all the artists over the three days was never going to happen so it is always a bit of planning and then word of mouth as you speak to fellow music lovers. I know I missed a few that I hope to catch up with again but enjoyed all I saw, highlights being Israel Nash, Hiss Golden Messenger, Cam (songwriting session), The Treetop flyers and Luke Jackson.

 Time restrictions meant not getting to some of the stages such as The Roadhouse which seemed to be the hangout for the younger Stoner Rock types, a more raucous set of bands were there and I do hope to get the chance another time.


Hiss Golden Messenger

The Treetop Flyers

Please check back at the home page in the next week or so as will be adding Photos of the artists at The Festival

cheers, Dan

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