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Alberta Cross release


25 June 2024

Listen to 'Old Man Chicago (featuring Jack Savoretti)' here

Watch the visualiser here

The track will feature on Alberta Cross's reimagined 2007 debut 'The Thief And The Heartbreaker' due later this year and featuring a host of special guests and friends.

Petter Stakee speaks on the collaboration’, “Jack and I met in the early London days. We were both very young and footloose, doing loads of acoustic shows around town wherever we could to get experience and get better at what we did. There was a real hunger in all of us back then, and still is to this day which has always been very inspiring to me. Those early friendships were so important too. I always think you needed that support especially when you’re a younger artist. Being there to push your good friends along with encouragement and feedback. Jack’s voice and charisma always blew me away and those early days were so key to get the band started so I’m so happy that he agreed to sing on Old Man Chicago and be part of this grand collaboration project”

Jack Savoretti also comments, “I used to flyer outside the Barfly in Camden for Alberta Cross and its various previous incarnations. So 20 years later to be singing with my dear friend Petter on my favourite song of the band is a true honour”.

'Old Man Chicago' follows previous single 'Lucy Rider (featuring Katie Melua)', which you can listen to here.

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